Hi .....

For a few day that I dig my feeling to show that how pain is it. And you know? with in my painful, it occured one thing that it is very impression. ^________^

Last friday, I went to see the movie with him, Final Score.

Before that we had a dinner together which it made me very happy!!!

I think you would not believe that after dinner, we were just walking

for waiting the time to see the movie.




In the Japanese Shop...

He looked around and finally he bought a penguin doll.

I just looked it, in my feeling it is so cute!!!

But it is okay that he bought so I would not!!!

I did not know. Why????!!!

but after we went out from the shop.

He gave me the penguin doll that he bought!!!

How impression!!!!!

So happy I am!!!

sweet sweet dream!

Love majority for all of U